FNF vs Tord

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FNF vs Tord
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FNF vs Tord

Here is an interesting Friday Night Funkin game in which the famous Tord will become your opponent. This kid is one of three friends who are the main characters of an interesting cartoon developed by a British company. Two of his friends are named Edd and Tom, and they are all bullies. You will again play as before for the Boyfriend. He can certainly fight any of the suggested friends if he wants to, so choose the one you are most interested in as an opponent. The boyfriend has extensive experience in fighting various opponents, so most likely he will be able to win in this matter. You have access to the whole full week of passage. Tord is of course a very strong opponent, so you will have to very deftly press your fingers on the keyboard buttons.

How to play?

In order to start playing FNF vs Tord you will need to select the game mode in which you will play. It can be a learning mode or a story. If you choose training, you can study well there, sing songs without responsibility for the result. After choosing a plot, you will need to take turns hitting the opponents that will be placed in front of you. To succeed in battle, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard in time and accurately, this will allow you to gain an advantage over the enemy. The songs you will be playing are brand new, but you will definitely be able to learn them in order to succeed in the music scene.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- - volume