FNF vs Scratchin Melodii

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FNF vs Scratchin Melodii
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FNF vs Scratchin Melodii

An amazing game called Scratchin Melodii has finally arrived as a mod for the Friday Night Funkin game. If before you fought against Girlfriend's father, playing as the main character of the game boyfriend, now everything has changed. This time you will play as heroes from the new very popular game Scratchin Melodii. The main roles will be the girl Melody, as well as a guy named Pasta Night. As an opponent of these heroes, of course, there will be boyfriend, that legendary singer. The essence of the game is to win on the music stage against the enemy that is located in front of you. The game has a lot of different songs that will be difficult to skillfully perform, because you do not know them yet. Press accurately on the keyboard arrows and then you will definitely win the battle.

How to play?

An addictive game in which you will have to perform songs on stage as part of musical battles. In order to start playing you will need to press the start button. After that, you appear on the music stage, where you will see opponents standing on the left and right and waiting for the battle to begin. In order to be successful in the performance of songs that will sound from the speakers, you will need to timely and accurately click on the arrows of different colors that fall on the screen from above.

  • Arrows - sing songs