FNF vs Among Us Impostor V3

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FNF vs Among Us Impostor V3
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FNF vs Among Us Impostor V3

Friday Night Funkin has been a huge hit lately, so it's no wonder there are so many cool mods out there. This time, according to the plot, it so happened that you have to confront the legendary impostor from the space game Among Us. Here you can immediately see that it will be extremely difficult, and perhaps you will even lose, because the enemy is very cunning and you can even say that he is mean. By the way, this is already the 3rd version of the famous FNF mod. The unlocked version can be played online without downloading to your computer. You will be playing, as before, as an experienced Boyfriend, so it is very important to gather your thoughts, go on stage and fight the crew member with all the enthusiasm so that the opponent does not have a chance to defeat you.

How to play?

Everything is very simple, because first you will need to select a game mode, and this can be an educational game or a walkthrough. Free play is needed in order to practice your skills if you are not yet fully confident in your abilities. As for the passage of the game, there will be a fierce battle on stage as part of a musical battle. In order to defeat the local antagonist on the spot, you will need to accurately and in time press the keyboard arrows. They will fall from above onto the screen, you just have time to press the keyboard. Victory will be won when the life bar drops to zero for the participant in the battle opposite.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • Enter - choice
  • +- - adjust the volume