FNF VS Tankman

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FNF VS Tankman
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FNF VS Tankman

Here is another mod about the game Friday Night Funkin, in which you will need to fight against a strong opponent named Tankman. He is a musician by profession, and to be more precise, he is a rapper. You will play, as before, for the Boyfriend. This guy has a lot of experience, so it will not be easy to fight, but there is a feeling that it is real to win. Here you have access to a full week of 7 days, so choose any mode that you like best and start the musical battle. There is an opportunity to conduct a workout if you are not confident in your abilities. When you are fully prepared, then proceed to the game for the passage. In the unblocked version, you can play online, so it is not necessary to download the game to your computer, you can play just like that.

How to play?

In fact, you just need to go on stage and then start singing songs. You have to understand that the compositions are quite complex, so you need to gain experience properly in order for you to succeed. To be a successful performer, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard on time and very accurately when the situation requires it. In order to defeat your opponent, you will need to make sure that the life bar is completely gone on the screen.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • Enter - choice
  • +- - volume