FNF Papa's Funkeria

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FNF Papa's Funkeria
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FNF Papa's Funkeria

The immaculate Papa Louie has already built a successful chain of food service establishments, so it is not surprising that he began to look for a new hobby. In this game, which is in front of you, Papa Louie has accepted the challenge of a famous singer named Boyfriend. Compete in the music scene to see who can sing songs the best. It is doubtful that knowledge in cooking will help in battle, so you will have to improvise with the hope of a successful debut in the musical field. FNF Papa's Funkeria has several game modes: walkthrough and practice. In total, there are two songs for the battle between the two participants: Help-Wanted and Prestissimo. By the way, all events take place near the pizzeria, which was recently opened by a famous businessman.

How to play?

It's very easy, especially if you've ever played the famous Friday Night Funkin game. You will need to press the arrows on the keyboard in time and this will definitely allow you to win. Arrows of different colors will fall from above, and you only need to press the corresponding buttons on the keyboard in time. The boyfriend has a lot of experience in performing various compositions, so it will be very difficult to defeat him.

  • Arrows - sing songs