FNF VS Squid Game

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FNF VS Squid Game
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FNF VS Squid Game

More and more new mods appear on the theme of your favorite game Friday Night Funkin. This time Boyfriend got into a very dangerous situation. He decided to try his hand at a South Korean drama called Squid Game. Apparently, our main character, like other participants in the competition, experienced financial problems, which is why he decided to play a dangerous game. When he realized that it was too scary here, he could no longer get out of there so easily, but there was only one way. The red player invited Boyfriend to fight in a musical battle, and he agreed. Your task is to try to perform new compositions to the melody better than your opponent does. Support for this fight at a high level is provided, because both other participants in the game of squid and Girlfriend came.

How to play?

In order to start a battle according to the rules of FNF, you will need to select a game mode, and there are two of them: history and free play. We choose, and then the most interesting gameplay begins. In order to be a successful track performer, you need to carefully monitor all the arrows on the keyboard that will fall on you, and press the right button in time. If you do everything as cleverly as possible, then you will definitely be able to defeat the enemy forces. Remember that if you lose, what does it mean, that you died, and that definitely doesn't suit you.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- volume