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Here is an interesting FNF VS Blue game in which you will have to sing songs. The enemy that will be against you in general from the game Rainbow Friends. Initially, it was an interesting mod of the famous game Roblox, but as Rainbow Friends became popular, they began to appear in other games. Friday Night Funkin is a game where you can show your musical skills. You will play, as before, for the main character named Boyfriend. The game has a lot of new songs, under which you will lead the battle on stage. Before you get to the stage, you will need to select the game mode in which you plan to play. There are two options to choose from: training or a game of passing.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will first need to select a game mode. Once selected, it will be possible to select the difficulty level of the musical confrontation. Next, you will have to choose a song that you will sing on stage. The gameplay will be to timely and accurately press the arrows on the keyboard. Who will be able to be more dexterous, then he will be able to win.

  • Arrows - sing songs