FNF Character Test Playground 4

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FNF Character Test Playground 4
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FNF Character Test Playground 4

On the theme of Friday Night Funkin, so many different mods have been created that it is already difficult to count. This is all due to the fact that the game is very popular. Here is the fourth part of the famous game in which you will need to create characters from various elements that were in popular mods. Here are collected almost all the songs that were opposed by the Boyfriend, as well as the locations where the musical battles took place. Your task in this game is to create the ideal conditions for a musical battle and try to find out who will be stronger and more talented. There are a lot of interesting settings, for this you need to click on the button and then it will become clear what can be changed. During the gameplay, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard in time and accurately, and then you will definitely win. Have a good fight!

  • Arrows - sing songs
  • Enter - choise