FNF vs Accelerant Hank

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FNF vs Accelerant Hank
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FNF vs Accelerant Hank

An excellent Friday Night Funkin themed game in which you will face a new and very interesting opponent. This time, you will have a famous hero from the flash game Madness Combat as your opponent. This is the same Accelerant Hank that all fans of browser games are well aware of. You need to stretch your fingers well in order to perform as well as possible in this musical battle. You will play, as before, for the Boyfriend. He's a great guy, because he already has incredible experience in musical battles, so there are excellent chances that this opponent will not become too much of a problem for him already. Girlfriend will sit on the column, who is closely watching what is happening. This should motivate the local players.

How to play?

It all starts the old fashioned way, you need to choose a game mode, it can be training or Story Mode. Then the battle itself begins directly, so it is important to concentrate. Arrows will fall from the top of the screen, and you, in turn, will need to hit them on time and very accurately when the situation requires it. The one who runs out of life line the fastest will win, so do everything to win. The unblocked version can be played online without downloading to your computer.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • Enter - choice
  • +- - adjust the volume