FNF MS Lemons

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FNF MS Lemons
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FNF MS Lemons

If you like to play your favorite Friday Night Funkin game series, then it will be definitely interesting for you to play FNF MS Lemons game. The essence of such games is to sing songs on the musical stage fighting against your opponents standing opposite to you. Need to be very dexterous to accurately and in time to click on the arrow keys. If you have it will be able to, then you can definitely win this battle. Play you will, as before for Boyfriend. He already has a lot of experience performing on stage, so there's a good chance of winning. Against you will be the same Mrs. Lemon. In the original game you will have to solve various puzzles. Here there are no puzzles, in this mod you will need to show your musical talents.

How to play?

To start playing you will need to choose your opponents, the music track, as well as the difficulty level. As soon as you manage all these tasks, you will immediately move to the stage, where MS Lemons will be waiting for you. This opponent is quite strong, but your character you play as has much more musical skills. You will need to learn the songs well in order to be able to play them well, and only then will you be successful.

  • Arrow keys - sing songs