FNF vs Minecraft

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FNF vs Minecraft
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FNF vs Minecraft

FNF Minecraft online is something, because two well-known games with millions of fans around the world have united in one game. The pixel world has come to visit the world of musical battles. Two famous minecraft heroes decided to fight each other as part of a musical battle. We are talking about Steve and Creeper, they are ready to perform well-known compositions in order to understand which of them is more talented in music. The legendary girl Alex will play the role of a cheerleader. You will play for the side of good, that is, for Steve, although there is an opportunity to try to fight for the Creeper, but this is rather the side of evil. The winner will be the one whose fingers work better, because in order to correctly get into the rhythm of the song, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard in time.

How to play?

Friday Night Funkin Minecraft will be playable in two different modes. Training mode or walkthrough. If in the first mode you will just need to sing songs without responsibility for the result. Another thing is, if you are playing for the passage, then already at this stage it is very important to win. Keep in mind that the enemy also wants to win, so the battle will be uncompromising. The winner will be the one who can win 3 rounds in a row, although of course it will be extremely difficult to do this. If you have a good reaction and attentiveness, then you will definitely be able to press the arrows on the keyboard in time and accurately.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- - volume