Ratings: 9 (average 3.9 from 5)
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Here is an excellent game online, which combines two well-known genres at the same time: io games and among ace. Your task in this game is to hold out as long as possible, although it will be extremely difficult to do this, because the enemies are around. There will be many crew members on the playing field, but active actions will not take place on a spaceship, but somewhere on an open surface. On the top right, there will be a ranking of the best players, so you will need to strive to top this list. If in the original game you had to move through the ventilation entrances, then there is no need to hide from anyone here. Here you have a weapon in your hands, and you will actively use it in order to destroy the enemy. Look carefully at your life indicators, which are located next to each player nearby.

How to play?

In order to start playing one of the best games, you will first need to set up the main character of the game for which you will play. You can choose the color of the main character, as well as some other indicators that are also subject to change. Enter your nickname in a special line and after that you can start your survival process. You can develop your hero, and for this you will need to achieve some success on the battlefield.

  • Mouse - action