Among US Imposter

Ratings: 4 (average 5 from 5)
Among US Imposter
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Among US Imposter

Before you is a game in the detective genre in which you will need to perform various tasks on a spaceship. The name of this game sounds like Among US Imposter, so spend your time with this game. In this game, you will play exclusively as an impostor, so you will need to secretly destroy all the crew members who will be with you on the spaceship. The whole spaceship is very large, because it has a huge number of different cabins where you can live, so be careful during the gameplay. It is important to understand that you will need to kill other crew members as quietly and silently as possible, although this is extremely difficult to do. Try to kill enemies when you are in the shadows with your victim.

How to play?

An interesting game in which you will need to help the impostor complete all the buildings on the spaceship. In order to skillfully avoid meeting your enemies, you can use the ventilation hatches that are located in each cabin. Will you be able to completely unnoticed kill everyone who is with you in the spaceship?

  • Move : ASWD keys or arrow keys
  • Bottom right corner of the screen to perform actions.