Among Us IO

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Among Us IO
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Among Us IO

An excellent game Among Us IO online in which you will need to skillfully do everything in order to become the best member of the crew of all the participants. We can say that this mod combines two genres, IO and Among As. Your task is to make sure that you lead the ranking of the best players. Crew members and an imposter will take part on the playing field. In this game, the very principle of the gameplay is built a little differently. Here you will need to have as much territory as possible on a flat planet. Each player will have their own color of their territory, so you will need to capture as much of it as possible. If you are nimble, you can capture parts of enemy territory that are of a different color. Next to each player will be the percentage of what territory you own right now.

How to play?

It is very easy to play this game, so get started as soon as possible. First you will need to enter a nickname, and after that you will be taken to the playing space. Do everything to get as much territory as possible. Keep in mind that if you stray too far from your territory, then you can be conquered and you will end up losing.

  • Mouse - action