Tribals IO

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Tribals IO
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Tribals IO

Before you is an exciting Tribals IO game in which you will need to do everything to survive as long as possible on a small island. You will play for a man who initially has practically nothing. In the hands there is only a stone with which you can perform simple actions. For example, with the help of a stone, you can make hits that will allow you to extract some resources. It is important to understand that the game is in the io games genre, so you will have to fight on the island against real players from all over the world. This is difficult, because playing against real intelligence is much more difficult than against computer intelligence. Cooperate with other players in order to create a powerful clan that will allow you to keep the defense under the onslaught of enemy forces. To build a powerful defense, you will have to get a lot of different resources.

How to play?

In order to play Tribals Survival you will need to select the server on which you will play. After that, enter your nickname and then you appear on the island. Customize your avatar, as well as change other important settings that will allow you to customize your character as much as possible. Be careful, because enemy players can hit you with some kind of weapon from afar, so look carefully around.

  • Arrow keys - walk
  • Mouse - action
  • Spacebar - jump
  • S - sit down
  • Tab - Inventory
  • Enter - input