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Tags: 2 2 is one of the best games in the IO category where you will have to capture territories. The game really deserves a lot of attention and remains popular for a long time. The essence of all IO games is to get to the top, and this game is no exception. Do everything to capture the territory as much as possible in size. Initially, you start with a very small territory, but over time you will be able to conquer much more. Keep in mind that in addition to attacking other countries, you also need to remember about defense, and this is extremely important, because everything that you have conquered can be taken from you. Each country will have its own color so that you understand where you are and where the other player's possessions already begin. There will be a top player on the right side of the screen so that you can understand which player managed to become as big as possible. We want to inform you that 2 is unblocked, so all game modes are available to you. All the players who will be your opponents are real people, because the game is multiplayer.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will first need to enter your nickname in a special line. After that, select the game mode and smoothly switch to the game map. Initially, you will have a small territory, so your task is to capture as much terrain as possible. The competition is high, so you will have to fight for every piece of land. You will play as a square that moves around the map, trying to capture as many things as possible. In order to carry out a successful capture, you will need to help the square get out into the neutral zone and return back by drawing a picture that will be your new territories. In the upper right corner it will be written as a percentage what size your country is.

What are the game modes in Paper Io 2?

The game has several game modes, and to be more precise, these are:

  • Classic is the normal mode we wrote about above.
  • The small map is the same game as the classic, but here the map is much smaller.
  • Fast Speed ​​is a game in which all events will take place much faster.
  • World Conflict is a game mode in Paper Io 2 where you choose a country and try to make it as big as possible.
  • The world map is an interesting variation of the game where you enter the world map.
  • Battle Royale is a very famous game genre, where every man for himself tries to survive as long as possible.
  • Teams - players are divided into teams and, with the help of allies, arrange battles for territories.
  • Arrows - move