Hole IO

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Hole IO
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Hole IO

A very famous Hole.io game from the category of IO games, in which you will have to do everything to take the top. All actions will take place in the city, and you will manage a small hole. Your task is to make this hole get bigger and bigger. In order for the hole to get bigger, you will need to eat all the objects in the city that you can only see. Keep in mind that there are other players from all over the world in the city besides you who are dangerous for you, because they can be larger than you. It is important to understand that each object that you absorb will make you bigger, and as a result, you will become more and more powerful. In multiplayer io games, the main goal is to take first place in the ranking of all players who are currently participating in the gameplay.

How to play?

From the very beginning, you are taken to a menu where there are some game settings. Choose a hero for which you will play, as well as your nickname. Since the game is unlocked, you can play hole io on any web server. During the gameplay, try to eat as many cars, people, buildings, as well as decorations that are in the city. The game is quite simple and straightforward, so try to make the hole you control as big as possible. Good luck with your goals!

  • Arrow keys - control the hole