Countryballs io Battle Arena

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Countryballs io Battle Arena
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Countryballs io Battle Arena

Countryballs io Battle Arena is a strategy game in which you have to fight in the big world against other countries. The whole world is conventionally divided into countries and regions. Each country will be ruled by its own Countryballs. Near each countyballs will be the flag of the country, so you will understand where which country rules. Your task is to take over the whole world, but to do this you need to create a powerful army. It is very hard to do, because you are going to be in war all the time. So you will be inactive for a long time, then you will have a lot of problems, because you will be able to take the most part of your country. If possible, you will need to build military bases in order to make the country you are playing for much more powerful. From the outside you will always see attacks to take over your city. In order to successfully fight back you will need to develop your own army.

How to play?

First you will have to choose the country you want to play for. When the country is chosen, you can start the gameplay. You can increase the number of personnel in your army. You will also be able to increase the types of weapons. Don't forget about ammunition and other elements of a successful army - it is very important for your victory in battle. The screen will also display military statistics, which will be useful to keep you informed. You will understand how much time you have left to win or how much time will pass after defeat.

  • Mouse - action