Ratings: 6 (average 4.2 from 5)
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One of the very relevant IO-themed games in which you will need to capture territories. Of course, any person who starts wars is a dictator and a murderer who must stand trial. Virtually, in the game you can feel like an invader. Initially, a small country will be available to you, it can be 1 or 2 lands. Your task is to expand your boundaries as large as possible. Of course, this is difficult to do, but you can definitely do it if you are well versed tactically, strategically and militarily. Decide for yourself what to do, sit on the defensive or make swift attacks to conquer enemy positions. By the way, the map on which the battle takes place is very similar to the United States.

How to play?

To begin with, you will be asked to choose the side for which you will play: blue or red. After that, you move to the map. There will be both countries that are controlled by the enemy, as well as neutral countries. Here you yourself decide who to capture and who to be loyal to. Each land can only muster a force of 50 points, so you must understand this.

  • Mouse - action