Sugar Sugar

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Sugar Sugar
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Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is a fairly simple puzzle game where you have to distribute falling sweet grains into cups. The essence of the game itself is to fill the cups with sugar. They are immediately empty, so you will need to think about how to make sugar appear there. Sugar will fall from the top of the screen, and you will need to draw a bridge with a pencil, and thereby gently direct all the flow into the cup. The further you get to the level, the more difficult it will be to complete the task. The number 100 will be written on the cup. This means that you need to figure out how to fill it to the top. With each fallen grain, the number will decrease. The more levels you pass, the higher the difficulty will be, so gain experience to successfully complete the game. Thanks to the developer, the game is finally unblocked, and now it will be possible to play it without a flash player.

How to play?

In order to start playing Sugar Sugar online, you will need to select a mode from the menu. Click on the play button there. Next, you get to the menu where you will need to select a level. Initially, only the first level is open, so choose it. A total of 30 levels are available in the game. As soon as you get into the gameplay, immediately start drawing sugar bridges there. If you do everything correctly and deliberately, then you will definitely be able to complete a difficult task. In challenging missions, you will need to color the sugar into different colors and then pour it into cups of the same color.

  • Mouse - action