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People's lives are different, and it is impossible to say how to live correctly, because no one knows this. Someone lives according to conscience, and someone absolutely does not care about this feeling. There are people for whom family and children are important in life, and for someone it is most important to make a career. In this game, you can decide for yourself how you live. It all starts with the fact that you are in the womb. The embryo does not make any decisions yet, but it is important for him to be born healthy. You will need to make various decisions from the moment you are born. Then follow your understanding of life or how you want this person to be. In fact, this is a life simulator, so it depends on you who you study at school or college, what character you will have, whether you will be a faithful family man or prefer to be a bachelor.

How to play?

To get started, click on the “new life” button and the data on the birth of the child will pop up on the screen.
This is important data on which the city of birth, date of birth and of course the name will be written. After that, go through the sections, click on the buttons and start everything from scratch. During the gameplay, control the scale of health, improve intellectual abilities and much more. Happy life to you!

  • Mouse - action