Among US VR

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Among US VR
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Among US VR

Before you is the game Among US VR, in which you will need to be on a large spaceship along with other players from all over the world. This is an online version of this great game that will host many other players so you will have to fight against real intelligence. According to the plot, one of all the participants will be a traitor, but it is immediately completely incomprehensible to whom exactly this role is assigned. If the role of a traitor fell to you, then you will need to walk around the spaceship and try to destroy the crew members. Do this as quietly as possible so that other players cannot see you, because then you will have to start from the very beginning. There are many rooms on the spaceship in which you will be active in the game. Use the teleport to quickly move from one cabin to another.

How to play?

In order to start playing Among US VR you will need to enter your nickname in a special line. After that, choose the color of your main character, and also set up other important parameters of the gameplay. The more and faster you sabotage the spaceship, the better for you. Other peaceful members of the crew will not even have a clue that who is eliminating all the astronauts. Keep in mind that sometimes the astronauts hide behind each other, so you may not notice one of them.

  • A, s, d, w - movement
  • Mouse - action
  • F - sabotage
  • Q - kill
  • E - use ventilation