Scratchin Melodii 2023

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Scratchin Melodii 2023
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Scratchin Melodii 2023

Music games have become very popular lately. Scratchin Melodii 2023 will surely interest those who have already played games like Friday Night Funkin. The essence of such games is to go one-on-one with your opponent and try to beat him in a musical battle. The plot in the game Scratchin Melodii unfolds very interestingly. You will have to help teenagers who have fallen into the sight of the police. Caught them not just for nothing, but for the fact that the kids drew graffiti on the walls. In order for you to be released, you will need to sing a song. In order for you to have a song to sing, you have to come up with one first. Considering that there are real DJs among the teenagers, it is quite easy to complete the song writing task. Next to you will also be a girl named Melodii.

How to play?

After games like FNF became popular, other similar games immediately began to appear. One of them is the game, a demo version of Scratchin Melodii which is in front of you. In order to skillfully perform songs in this game, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard. On the left side of the screen will appear multicolored arrows. You need to press the corresponding arrows on the keyboard in a timely and accurate manner. The opponent, who sings opposite you, is also very skillful, so you will have to try hard to beat him.

  • Arrows - sing songs.