Puzzle Scratchin Melodii

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Puzzle Scratchin Melodii
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Puzzle Scratchin Melodii

More recently, the game Scratchin Melodii has appeared in which you will need to sing songs in musical battles. She's very popular, so it's no surprise that Scratchin Melodii-themed mini-games have been popping up. According to the plot in the original game, it was necessary to win a battle in order for the guys who were caught for drawing graffiti on the wall to be released. The motivation is very high, so the main characters will definitely be able to cope with the problems that overtook them. The game has a lot of very cool characters with whom you have the opportunity to make friends. Before you puzzle which consists of 15 elements. In order to understand what kind of frame is drawn in the picture, you need to put together a whole picture from many parts.

How to play?

In order to start you will need to wait 5 seconds and the game itself will load on the screen. Next, you need as much attention as possible in order to collect the puzzle. This process is quite complicated, but if you try, you can definitely see the main character Melody in the picture, as well as someone else. The main question remains open, who else will be in the picture? Good luck!

  • Mouse - action