FNF Jumbo Josh

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FNF Jumbo Josh
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FNF Jumbo Josh

FNF VS Jumbo Josh - This is an interesting mod on the theme Friday Night Funkin in which one of the main antagonists of the game Garten Of BanBan will visit the main character. His name is Jumbo Josh and you must have met him while playing Garten of BanBan. The essence of the original game is that you come to the kindergarten to pick up your child. Suddenly you realize that there are no children there at all, and it looks like they are all missing. Then you decide to find the children, but for this you will have to search the building in which you are. You will fall on the lower floors of the kindergarten where the main action will take place. On the way you will definitely meet an antagonist named Jumbo Josh who looks very intimidating. In order to win against such a strong opponent you will need to show your musical talents.

How to play?

Playing is very simple, just like in the previous parts of the interesting FNF game. You will need to press the arrows on the keyboard to skillfully sing songs. The arrows fall from top to bottom. And you will have to look at them carefully in order to press the corresponding arrows on the keyboard in time and skillfully. Usually you play as Boyfriend, but here in the main roles will be the person for whom you play for Garten of Banban. If you beat your opponent, you will definitely be able to find the child who disappeared from the kindergarten. There are two modes in the game: free mode and playthrough mode. From the songs there is the most famous one called Jumbo Josh Bruh. Good luck in the game!

  • Arrows - to sing songs