Undertale Demo

Ratings: 8 (average 4 from 5)
Undertale Demo
Played: 2095
Undertale Demo

The very famous game Undertale Demo is in front of you, so you can play it right now. According to the plot, your main character somehow got into a terrible dungeon. You now need to figure out a way to get out of it. This is a very difficult path, but you will definitely be able to cope. Before you see the start of the story, you will be shown a backstory on the screen, from which you will understand how it all began. On the way you will meet such terrible monsters as Sans, chara, papyrus and many others, so you will have to show a high level in battles. Each battle can go according to completely different scenarios, so choose the one that seems right to you the most.

How to play?

In this game there will be a top view, so you will see what is happening very well. Walk down the street, and also go into buildings to understand what is happening and where. When various characters meet on your way, you can have a dialogue with them. It is important to understand that you will control the red heart during the battle, so try to avoid attacks from the enemy.

  • determine with z key
  • return with x key
  • Arrows - move