Cut the Rope

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Cut the Rope
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Cut the Rope

Before you is a beautiful creature that loves to eat sweet candies. The game is called Cut the Rope in which you will have to do everything in order to feed the frog-like creature with delicious sweets as skillfully as possible. Each level is arranged in such a way that you have a candy in front of you, which is attached to a rope. You need to cut it very carefully at the moment when you realize that the sweetness will accurately fall into the mouth of a cute creature. Among other things, you still have the task of collecting all the stars that are scattered throughout the level. There will be three of them in total, so try to take each of them. Keep in mind that each level can be completed with one, two or three stars, so your task is to pass at the maximum level.

How to play?

Playing Cut the Rope is very simple. For this you need only one mouse. You will need to carefully move the mouse cursor to the rope, because this will help cut off the candy, which will accurately fall into the creature's mouth. With each subsequent level you will be more and more difficult. Try to gain experience so that each next level is easier for you than the previous one. The gameplay will be accompanied by very cheerful music that will definitely cheer you up.

  • Mouse - action