Red Ball 4 Volume 3

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Red Ball 4 Volume 3
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Red Ball 4 Volume 3

The red ball continues its adventures, so your help is needed again. In order to succeed, you will need to overcome difficulties in the way of the ball. This time the events take place in an abandoned factory. True, the problem is that, as it turned out, this plant is still working. In the industrial zone, you noticed your eternal enemies, that is, black squares. To exterminate them, you will need to jump on top of them. As you move along the path, you will need to try to avoid obstacles that will prevent you from moving forward. It can be rocks, boxes, a laser and much more. Thanks to the developers, the game can be played without a flash player.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will need to select a mission. After that, you will find yourself at the factory, where a fierce confrontation with black squares will begin. Your task is to collect gold stars while moving. The further you go the distance, the more difficult it will be for you to complete missions, because there will be more and more difficulties. Pleasant musical accompaniment will cheer you up. During the passage of the mission, you will have three lives.

  • Arrows - move