Zombotron 3

Ratings: 19 (average 4.2 from 5)
Zombotron 3
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Zombotron 3

The famous game finally got a sequel. After excellent two parts, the adventure on the planet Zombotron will continue. Before you is the game Zombotron 3, where you have already dealt with all the zombies, as well as the monsters that lived in this area. It seems that all the work is done, and now it's time to get into the spaceship and fly to your planet. This is where the problem arose, which is that you do not have fuel. You will need to go in search of fuel so that you have the opportunity to fly away from this zombie planet. Of course, there is a possibility that during your mission you will have to face new enemies. You have weapons and ammunition that you can use against enemies in order to survive. You have to go through 13 levels on your way to finding the right fuel.

How to play?

In order to start you will need to select the first level. After that, you will be near your ship. Throughout the gameplay, you will need to face challenges. They can be moved using an elevator from one place to another. Sometimes you have to find a button that will open the door. There are very dangerous enemies who have barrels of explosive liquid, you should also be wary of biorobots. Zombotron 3 is finally unblocked so it can be played without flash player.

  • Keyboard arrows - move
  • Mouse - aim and shoot
  • R - weapon reload
  • Q - change weapons
  • H - first aid kit
  • E- take item, use
  • 1-4 weapon change
  • B - bloody mode