Mr. Tomatos Horror

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Mr. Tomatos Horror
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Mr. Tomatos Horror

If you like horror games, then you will definitely like Mr. Tomatos very much, because it is now popular in this genre. You will come across a very interesting character in this game. This is a living tomato, that has eyes, can talk and also make scary sounds. Your task in this game is to feed him. Keep in mind that some types of food he likes, and some he just hates, so it is better not to give them. If Tomato doesn't like the food that you gave him, he can get really mad at you. This will be a very scary moment for you if the tomato's anger scale goes up as high as possible. The maximum anger number is 10, so try not to let that happen.

How to play?

You just have to feed the tomato with the food that is on the table or fridge. If you can earn money, new food can be purchased at the store. It is important to understand that the tastier the food, the healthier it is, the more expensive it is, but the tomato will be very grateful to you. Do not let the moment that the main character is very hungry, because for you it can turn into a terrible tragedy.

  • Mouse - action