Mr. Tomatos Puzzle

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Mr. Tomatos Puzzle
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Mr. Tomatos Puzzle

There are already a lot of games on the net that are related to our favorite main character named Mr. Tomato. Here is an exclusive game Mr. Tomatos Puzzle in which you will need to assemble a big picture from small elements. Many people simply love to collect puzzles, because this is not only a very interesting and entertaining process, but also useful, because attention develops. This Tomato simply loves to eat, although it seems to be a vegetable that people eat. Choose whatever food you like best and feed him after that. It is important that the reaction of the tomato is positive, but for this it will be necessary to give him tasty food.

How to play?

There will be 15 elements of one picture on your screen. All of them are scattered randomly, so you will need to collect them in the correct order. There is a tomato in the picture, but here's what food he got today - it's your task to find out about it. To do this, you need to fully assemble the puzzle. It is also important to understand that the faster you complete the task, the better your final result will be.

  • Mouse - action