Five Nights in Anime

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Five Nights in Anime
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Five Nights in Anime

5 Nights with Anime online is a great analogue of the famous horror game that you all know about. Instead of the legendary animatronics, there will be anime representatives as the main characters. If earlier you had to quickly run away from such antagonists as: Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Puppet, Springtrap and Golden Freddy, now anime singers will try to scare you. They will sing on stage at night and thus scare the main characters, because it is not clear who is there and what is on their minds. The actions of these anime heroines are very sudden, in fact, like jumpscares. In the FNIA game, you will have the opportunity for each individual character to sing a song. We want to warn you right away that it is better to make the sound quieter if you are not ready for sudden consequences due to volume.

How to play?

There are many characters in front of you. Choose any of them, and after that he will go on stage and sing a short song. It is important to understand that the main task will be to escape from these singers. The 3d graphics of this game will look very nice, so play and enjoy the process.

  • Mouse - action