Gacha Life Dress Up

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Gacha Life Dress Up
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Gacha Life Dress Up

A wonderful Gacha Life game in which you will have to dress beautifully a character that you create yourself. In this game, you will need to turn on your creativity and try to create the character of your dreams. You can create both a boy and a girl - it all depends on your desire. In appearance, it can be either a short-haired boy or a long-haired beautiful girl. A huge variety of variations of clothes, backgrounds, shoes, accessories and, of course, pets will allow you to enjoy the gameplay. On the right side of the screen there will be a mannequin that you will work on, and on the left side there will be buttons that you must press to change the appearance.

How to play?

The gameplay is very simple, but at the same time interesting. Your main goal is to create a beautiful character for yourself. Click on the start button and the editor will open on your screen. In order to change the appearance of the mannequin, simply click on the round buttons that say what exactly they can change. Click on the buttons: Skin, Face, Hair, Clothes, Accessories, Background and Music. After you do all this, you will have a very good anime doll that not only you but also your friends will like.

  • Mouse - action