Gacha Club

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Gacha Club
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Gacha Club

Gacha Club is a unique anime character builder. In it, you can easily create thousands of different heroes. It can be both boys and girls. Each hero will be endowed with different characteristics, ranging from appearance to character traits. For girls from clothes there are multiple blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes and much more. For guys, there are shirts, pants, sneakers, jackets and other items of clothing. Integrate the created characters into virtual life, add beautiful backgrounds and play mini games. In the game it will be possible to communicate with other guys, because it's fun when you have friends. In the studio, you can create scenes where everyone will be given some kind of responsible role. Spend your free time excitingly with such a cool character designer. By the way, for the collected jewelry and gold it will be possible to open and purchase brand new items of clothing.

How to play?

First you will need to give a name to your hero. After that, determine the gender that your character will have. Then proceed to the direct endowment of the player with various individual characteristics, as well as character traits. The next stage is, of course, the creation of the appearance, and these are clothes, shoes, accessories, and so on. When everything is created, then just try to live an interesting life.

  • Mouse - action