Kissy Missy & Huggy Wuggy

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Kissy Missy & Huggy Wuggy
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Kissy Missy & Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy is a terrible and scary blue monster that has become very popular lately. Kissy Missy is his faithful girlfriend, also a monster, but a little less scary. These two characters came to us from the famous game Poppy Playtime. The story of this game tells that in an abandoned toy factory all the products disappeared, and only the two characters listed above remained. Well, it really happened that they came to life and now we can say that the toys that you will manage with a friend have come to life. Your task in this game is to take control of this couple and try to leave the toy factory. True, on the way you will have various obstacles, so you will have to think about how to solve them. During the passage, collect various valuables that will be scattered on the way. The task of each level is to get to the door. This game is clearly very reminiscent of fire and water.

  • 1 player - keyboard arrows
  • 2 player - a, s, d, w
  • Space - switch players