My Talking Ben

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My Talking Ben
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My Talking Ben

The game My Talking Ben has become very popular recently. This retired chemistry professor is very funny, which is why he has a lot of fans around the world. Your task is to play with this pet. According to the plot, it is said that Ben loves to eat, drink tea and read newspapers very much. In fact, he lives a comfortable life, and he likes it. It all starts with the fact that you see a dog in front of you that seems to be fine, but on the other hand you want variety. Your task is to look at the three indicators, which are located at the bottom of the screen, and when you see, if something is shaken, then you need to immediately take measures to restore the indicators.

How to play?

First, think about what Ben wants to be doing now, and after that, start taking actions. First you will need to choose one of the three actions that are. They are all located at the bottom of the screen, so see what you need the most and then start doing. The first point is the opportunity to swim under the pressure of water. The second point is the opportunity to play, and to be more precise, the dog will sit on a skateboard and quickly go along the road to collect coins. The third point is to cheer up the pet.

  • Mouse - action
  • Keyboard arrows - motion