Talking Ben Coloring

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Talking Ben Coloring
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Talking Ben Coloring

Children and adults are very fond of a dog named Ben. She is very smart, because she can speak. Ben has many friends, and the most faithful, of course, is Tom. He periodically calls him, but only when he gets bored. In general, he is a former professor of chemistry by profession. He really likes to mix liquids of different colors in cones. Ben just loves to live in a comfort zone, and for this he needs to eat, drink tea and walk in the fresh air. In this game, you have the opportunity to color pictures of Ben and his friends. There are 4 different illustrations on the screen, so choose the one you like best. On each of them, Talking Ben is depicted in different poses and with different emotions.

How to play?

Everything is very simple here, the main thing is that you have creative impulses. First of all, you will need to choose the picture you want to decorate. As already mentioned above, there are four of them, but you will definitely have enough work. When the coloring process itself begins, a panel with colored pencils will appear in front of you. If you suddenly make a blot, and you have a desire to fix everything, then for this matter there is an eraser that can be used if necessary. Also, the developers have added the function of saving the picture to the computer.

  • Mouse - action