Talking Juan

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Talking Juan
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Talking Juan

Welcome to a brand new game called Talking Juan online. In this game you will meet a new talking character named Juan. This is an ordinary cat, but he loves to play very much, so you will need to always remember this. He is whimsical, so always try to please him, because he really wants to always remain joyful and satisfied. It is important to feed him on time, walk with him, teach him, and also always carefully listen to his wishes. Walk with him to the kitchen to choose the food that he likes best. There will always be indicators of the mood of the main character on the screen, so you must follow them to keep everything under control. The more actively you walk with Juan, the more developed he will be.

How to play?

Press the start button and then start exploring the world with this beautiful cat. Try to do everything as correctly as possible based on the desires and needs of the protagonist. Keep in mind that if there is a cat, it will get sick, then you will have to urgently take him to the hospital, and this is a very difficult process, but vital. Give maximum attention to Juan and then he will transfer his happiness to you.

  • Mouse - action