Toca Boca Hair Salon

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Toca Boca Hair Salon
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Toca Boca Hair Salon

Toca Boca is a very famous game that kids all over the world love to play. The game, which is in front of you, will allow you to experiment with hairstyles for visitors to a beauty salon. The girl who will star in this series of games is Rita, and you already know her very well, but today you will see her in a completely different role. In order to get started, you will first need to select a client for whom you are going to do a haircut. In order to make your character beautiful, you will have many different tools that should be in institutions designed to care for the beauty of people. You will not have tasks as such here, because the game is not for passing, but simply for the manifestation of creativity. Be attentive during the execution of your slave to all the little things.

How to play?

We want to inform you that it will be very interesting to play, because doing hairstyles is a favorite pastime of any little girl. In order to start playing, you will first need to select a character to whom you will do your hair. There are 4 people to choose from, so whoever you like best, take care of that person. Each client will need to complete all the steps in turn, where 1 will need to wash their hair. On 2 and 3, you will already be cutting, dyeing your hair, and doing other styling activities. Most importantly, the game can be played online. All the heroes you find here are in Toca Life World, so you might already be familiar with them.

  • Mouse - action