Toca Boca Coloring

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Toca Boca Coloring
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Toca Boca Coloring

Welcome to the game in which you will beautifully arrange pictures from the world of Toka Boca. As soon as you enter the game, you will be immediately greeted by a beautiful girl named Rita. She is the main character of this wonderful educational game for kids. Choose the drawing you are most interested in and start coloring the page. The picture pages feature the most famous characters from Toca Life World. Surely you all know them very well, because they cooked food together, went to school, and also did beautiful hairstyles in a beauty salon. Once the picture has been chosen, you will need to decide how you will decorate the piece of paper. There are two options, colored pencils or a palette of paints. It already depends on your preferences, what is your vision of your work.

How to play?

It will be very easy and fun to play. To get started, you just need to select an image. There are so many to choose from, check them all out. Next, you will be asked what you will draw with, it can be pencils or paints. While drawing, you will need to listen to your creative abilities. Use as many colors as possible to make your work as vibrant as possible. The game has a great ability to save pictures to your desktop. After that, you can print this page on the printer.

  • Mouse - paint pictures