Toca Life World

Ratings: 8 (average 3.6 from 5)
Toca Life World
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Toca Life World

Toca Life: World is a unique game that was able to combine such parts of the Toca game as City, Office, Vacation, Hospital and many others in one application. It will be exciting for you to play by creating your own virtual worlds. At the very beginning of the game, you will find yourself in an arbitrarily created world, and then all game events will take place there. In fact, you are in charge of this game, so you can adjust everything to your vision. Go to the store, buy yourself any products there and bring home. You can also easily go to school in order to meet new friends and gain useful knowledge. Go outside for a walk, there are many interesting activities that you can be involved in. If you want, you can quarrel with your neighbors and know that these are real players from all over the world, which is even more interesting. In fact, this is a sandbox where you simply have endless possibilities, so create your own world.

How to play?

First you will need to understand where you are, because the world will be created randomly. After that, it is extremely important to adapt to the local area. Go into all the buildings that you see in front of you and there perform actions that will be very important for your development. You can rearrange your room at home to create the perfect atmosphere. There are no goals in the game as such, so do whatever you want.

  • Mouse - action