Toca Kitchen 2

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Toca Kitchen 2
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Toca Kitchen 2

Do you love tasty treats? Many of you will definitely answer - yes, because many children like to cook with their mother in the kitchen. In this game you will help a girl named Toka Boka cook. The food you will cook is completely different: desserts, sushi, cakes, snacks, salads and much more. In fact, this is an educational game in which you will learn how to cook deliciously, because these skills will definitely come in handy when you become adults. There are a lot of products for cooking different dishes, so you can definitely cook whatever you want. Choose a person who will taste all these dishes. Be kind to tasters, and that kindness can be shown by preparing delicious food.

How to play?

The game is very simple and there are no goals as such. First you will need to cook delicious food and then eat whatever you cook. The process of being in the kitchen will be very exciting, because everything is very colorful and a very cheerful atmosphere is created. At the bottom of the screen, there will be foods that you will use to prepare the meals you want to eat. Above is the girl herself, busy with the culinary business. If you are not afraid to spoil, then experiment with cooking.

  • Mouse - action