Papa's Bakeria

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Papa's Bakeria
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Papa's Bakeria

Here is the game Papa's Bakeria online, in which the famous businessman Papa Louie again decided to create a food establishment. This time it will be a bakery that will prepare delicious and sweet pies, delicious desserts, as well as other food that is prepared in the bakery. The game begins from the moment when the opening day of this institution has come. After that, you will need to recruit people as cooks and waiters. Papa Louie already has extensive experience in creating various food establishments, so he is very trusted by visitors. You have the opportunity to choose a waiter, and it can be a girl or a guy. It is also possible to create your own character, so go to the editor and consistently change the elements of appearance. Finally, the game can be played without a flash player, because the game is already unlocked.

How to play?

The gameplay of the game Papa Louie Bakeria is very interesting, because you will need to cook delicious and healthy food. The essence of the gameplay will be to listen to the customer's order, then fulfill it as accurately as possible. For this you have many different ingredients. Earn money by selling sweet products. For the funds received, you can upgrade your kitchen and then cooking will be even more convenient and efficient.

  • Mouse - action