Papa Louie Adventure In Village

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Papa Louie Adventure In Village
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Papa Louie Adventure In Village

Papa Louie Adventure In Village is an interesting game for fans of the Papa Louie game series. There are many games where you have to cook delicious food in a restaurant. In this game you will have to walk down the street and destroy the monsters that you will see in the street. All the events will take place in the village, that has been overrun by enemy monsters. This process is quite difficult, so you will have a weapon in your hands. You will use a hammer blow as a weapon, as well as a salt bomb. You should be aware that there will be difficult areas on your path, such as elevations as well as descents on ladders. Try to collect as many gold coins as you can along the way. They will be scattered all over the area, so be careful and try not to miss a single coin. The game has 1 levels, each of which will be unique and very interesting.

How to play?

To start playing choose a mission from the 15 missions presented in the menu. Only the first level is open and available to you right away, so choose it. Then you appear in the village, where the first difficulty begins for you. Each monster that you will meet on your way will need to be destroyed with a weapon. You will have several types of weapons in your hands, so use them as intended. Sometimes on the way you will meet a trampoline, with which you can jump high and get to the desired height.

  • Arrow keys - walk.
  • Z - Blast
  • X - Blow with a hammer