Papa's Sushiria

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Papa's Sushiria
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Papa's Sushiria

Papa Louie is planning to expand his chain of food establishments. Next in line for opening is now a cafe where delicious Japanese sushi will be prepared. Papa's restaurants have always been famous for high quality and you can be sure that this will also be at a high level, so we advise everyone to visit this new restaurant. In fact, sushi is a fairly simple but tasty meal, where the main filling is rice. Also, as a rule, seafood will be included in this delicious dish, so if you like this kind of food, then you will cook with great pleasure. Finally, the game has been reborn and you can play it without a flash player, because the developers have created an html5 version of the legendary game.

How to play?

The game will start from the moment when the opening day of the establishment itself, where they prepare sushi, comes. This is preceded by a story that will be shown in the video plot. You are required to choose a character for whom you will play, and it can be a choice of a girl or a boy. Decide who you want to play the most and then start. Further, customers who order food will begin to approach you. Listen to their order and then try to fulfill it as accurately as possible. If you cook food well, then you will definitely have a good reputation and there will be even more visitors in the future. Naturally, this will reflect positively on the profitability of Papa Louie's Fast Food.

  •  Mouse - action