Papa's Pizzeria

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Papa's Pizzeria
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Papa's Pizzeria

Do you love pizza? Definitely yes, so welcome to the game where you will cook real Italian food. This beautiful establishment called a pizzeria was opened by the legendary businessman Papa Louie. The institution that he created is of very high quality, because he always keeps his level. Finally, it has opened and today on the first day there will be not only a holiday, but also a large number of visitors who want to buy fresh and delicious pizza. The main problem is that there are not enough sellers and cooks. Your task is to help in this direction, so apply for one of the vacancies. You have a choice: play as a girl, as a boy, or for their joint work. In the settings there is an opportunity to change the appearance of our main character, so before you go to the workplace, do it. This version no flash player.

How to play?

To get started, choose the main character for which you will play. Next, you will need to give it a name, as well as set the appearance in the settings based on your preferences. When you go to work, customers will come up to you one by one and place orders. Your task is to accept this order, and then carry it out as accurately as possible. If everything works out for you and the client is satisfied, then the earnings will go up, and the reputation of the cafe will be at a good level.

  • Mouse - action