Papa's Cluckeria

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Papa's Cluckeria
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Papa's Cluckeria

A new and very interesting game Papa's Cluckeria in which you will have to make delicious sandwiches. The famous businessman Papa Louie does not sit in one place, so he decided to open a new institution. This city clearly did not have such a good sandwich restaurant, so our favorite businessman has a great chance to fill this niche tightly. The essence of the game is that customers will come to your establishment and place orders for the preparation of various dishes. Your task is to fulfill them accurately. Before you start, you will need to choose which waiter to play as. There are two of them to choose from, but there is another option to create an employee in a special editor. Given that today is the opening day of the cafe, expect a full house of visitors.

How to play?

You can play Papa's Cluckeria online without downloading to your computer. A version without a flash player is available to you, so you don't have to worry about the fact that the game will not start. In order to start your business, you will need to quickly find service personnel to run the restaurant. Choose who you want to play as and after that the gameplay will begin. When a client places an order, it is important to listen to his order as carefully as possible, and then fulfill it with maximum accuracy. For this you can get a good tip and, of course, full payment for the purchased goods. In the future, it will be possible to upgrade the equipment on which food is prepared.

  • Mouse - action