Papa Louie Cupcakeria

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Papa Louie Cupcakeria
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Papa Louie Cupcakeria

Everyone has long known that Papa Louie is a very high-level businessman. He has long occupied the niche of food establishments in his city. This time he decided to open a candy store. The story begins from the moment when the first day of the opening of this institution came. There are a lot of visitors lined up, so it is extremely important for you to find as many sellers and service personnel as possible. You have three options to choose from for whom to play: a guy, a girl, or two at the same counter. After you decide, a small video will be shown on the screen when the opening day has come. The next stage is the actual gameplay. The most important thing is that you can play no flash player.

How to play?

After there is already a seller behind the counter, that is, you, it will be possible to begin the trading process itself. Visitors will approach you, and then it will be necessary to fulfill the order, which is voiced by people who want sweets. It can be a cupcake with various fillings and jam, or maybe something else. The more accurately and correctly, and most importantly, quickly you complete the order, the higher the profit will be. It will also allow you to maintain a good reputation for a cafe, which then will definitely go to even more people, and your profit will grow steadily! Happy trading!

  • Mouse - action