Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack

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Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack
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Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack

The situation that happened this time with Papa Louis is simply a stalemate, so you are called to somehow resolve it. Everyone has long known and respected Papa Louis, because he is a successful businessman who has already built up half the city with magnificent cafes. He cooks deliciously and once again decided to experiment with a new kind of burger. It's just some kind of madness, because they came to life, and now you have to fight against them, because they are attacking. In addition to fast food, the danger in the city is also represented by the ingredients, which decided to destroy everyone who gets in their way. In order to neutralize them, the main character has a special kitchen appliance that will definitely help cool the ardor of these evil vegetables. Many missions will definitely allow you to enjoy the online gameplay.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to choose the main character for which you will play. There are two people, Rita or Marty. When you decide, then you will be asked to name the hero as you want. As soon as you appear in the city, then immediately proceed to the passage of the game. Collect gold coins on your way, this is the main goal in your difficult road. Enemies will constantly meet who will try to destroy you. Your character can jump, duck, and fight. In order to understand what task you need in order to complete the level, look at the bottom of the screen during the gameplay. Know that the enemy can be neutralized in two ways: hit with kitchen items, or jump on top of him.

Is it possible to play without flash?

Yes, before you is a version of the game Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack which can be played without a flash player.

  • Arrow right and left - move
  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Arrow down - duck
  • Spacebar - hit