Papa's Freezeria

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Papa's Freezeria
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Papa's Freezeria

Papa Louie is a successful entrepreneur who has opened a new restaurant. Given that everyone knows about the ability of Papa Louie to make quality cafes, hundreds of visitors will instantly pour in here. Especially when it's hot outside, a restaurant serving ice cream and soft drinks, as well as cocktails, comes in handy. The game starts with you falling on opening day, which means there's going to be some hype today. You must be ready to receive all the visitors who come to you. There is a choice of playing for two characters, it can be a boy or a girl. Choose the one you like best and start selling drinks and ice cream. The more you sell, and the more accurately orders are fulfilled, the more profitable it will be for you, so try it, maybe someone will tell you.

How to play?

Before the opening day comes, you will be shown a video of how it all began. Decide who you will play for the two proposed characters. As for the gameplay, you will be regularly approached by people who will make an order. Listen carefully, and then write it down, and then try to do it as correctly as possible, because it will depend on how much money you make. Over time, you will be able to use the money you earn to buy better freezers and make other upgrades.

Is it possible to play Papa Louie without flash player?

Yes, this is an unblocked version of the game where you will cook food that can be played no flash player in HD quality.

  • Mouse - action